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multiprocess script: running batch jobs in parallel

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I have created a program that runs a command-line executable in parallel on a group of similar files. I am sure something like this has been posted before; but I wanted to have the satisfaction of creating my own flavor and it has also been awhile since I have contributed a script back to the community. I am very happy with the way it turned out.

I was able to run the ImageMagick convert.exe program to convert 1440 jpg files (avg size: 135kb) to tiff files. On a 16 CPU system this created 1440 tiff files in 74 seconds, which is just under 20 image conversions per second. ;) The program figures out the number of CPUs your system has and runs that many subprocesses concurrently.

My program is called mp, short for multi-process. From a command line, you would use:

mp.exe convert “_input_ _base_.tiff” -- *.jpg

Anything inside of underscores are macros that get substituted with file names. See the website for more information and examples.

1) https://github.com/jftuga/Windows/tree/master/mp

2) click on the mp.exe link

3) click on Raw to download the actual mp.exe exectuable

4) usage: https://github.com/jftuga/Windows/raw/master/mp/usage.png

5) AutoIt source code: https://github.com/jftuga/Windows/blob/master/mp/mp.au3

If you decide to try this out, please reply as I would love to get some feedback. I'd also love to hear about similar AutoIt scripts, too. Maybe I can learn from those as well.



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;) Please post your program at another hosting site (for eg. mediafire or any other), unable to load Github


GitHub links working now. Tested your program with 7za.exe and works fine.

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:bye: Hey there, was I helpful?


My Current OS: Win8 PRO (64-bit); Current AutoIt Version: v3.3.8.1

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