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$oIE = ObjCreate("Shell.Explorer.2")

$server = ''

$username = ''

$pass = ''

$Open = _FTP_Open('MyFTP Control')

$Conn = _FTP_Connect($Open, $server, $username, $pass)

; ...

$Ftpc = _FTP_Close($Open)

if there are any users that know how to use the above code i would

like to learn how.

can you please explain ('MyFTP Control')

and what some of the key uses this may be used for

Ive tried using the code but have not gotten it to do any thing yet

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MyFTP Control is just a random name used to initiate the ftp stuffin your scripts, it can be almost anything if not anything...

As for how to use the FTP correctly, they are well documented in the help file complete with working examples that just need a little bit of configuration.

Edit: Ah, it's been a while, I forgot, the FTP stuff isn't well documented, search the forum for some examples of how to use it, there are lots of them, now that I remember, that's how I learned how to use them.

As for what it can be used for, one example would be to create a backup system for things on your PC in case you're working with things that can blow up in your face so to speak.

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