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Clicking a link thats tweeted?

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Okay iv been trying to figure this out on my own for a few days now with no previel.

So what i want to do is load a twitter page and click a link matching a regex string.

or somthing similar.

What are my options? iv seached the forums n tried to adapt some examples there but nothing has worked.

I know its possible in Vb.net as my friend is using it in his code how would i do this in autoit.ill see if i can find the code for VB n see if you can convert it

This Regex matches the links i want to click. -


html Text for link is embeded in <strong>


Here is An Example of the <a> Tag.

<a data-ultimate-url="[url=""]http://www.mylocaljobboard.com/[/url]" href="[url="view-source:http://t.co/7Os3ES20"]http://t.co/7Os3ES20[/url]" data-expanded-url="[url=""]http://mylikes.com/l/1uvG4[/url]" title="[url=""]http://mylikes.com/l/1uvG4[/url]" target="[url=""]_blank[/url]" rel="[url=""]nofollow[/url]" class="[url=""]twitter-timeline-link[/url]"><strong>mylikes.com</strong>/l/1uvG4</a>

Here is the full <p> Tag.

<p class="js-tweet-text">Browse the BEST Local <a href="/#%21/search/%23Jobs" title="#Jobs" class="  twitter-hashtag pretty-link" data-query-source="hashtag_click"><s>#</s><b>Jobs</b></a> for FREE. The Best <a href="/#%21/search/%23Work" title="#Work" class="  twitter-hashtag pretty-link" data-query-source="hashtag_click"><s>#</s><b>Work</b></a> Opportunities await you HERE. <a href="/#%21/search/%23money" title="#money" class="  twitter-hashtag pretty-link" data-query-source="hashtag_click"><s>#</s><b>money</b></a> <a href="/#%21/search/%23discounts" title="#discounts" class="  twitter-hashtag pretty-link" data-query-source="hashtag_click"><s>#</s><b>discounts</b></a> <a href="/#%21/search/%23free" title="#free" class="  twitter-hashtag pretty-link" data-query-source="hashtag_click"><s>#</s><b>free</b></a> <a data-ultimate-url="http://www.mylocaljobboard.com/" href="http://t.co/7Os3ES20" data-expanded-url="http://mylikes.com/l/1uvG4" title="http://mylikes.com/l/1uvG4" target="_blank" rel="nofollow" class="twitter-timeline-link"><strong>mylikes.com</strong>/l/1uvG4</a> - spon</p>
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