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[Unsolved] Compiling Issue?

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I'm having an issue with this AuGuard.au3. For some reason it's not successfully compiling the original nope.exe in the AuGuard Self-Extracting nope.exe. I really have no clue what is going wrong with this, however I suspect that it's compiling the placeholder file instead of nope.exe. How do I fix this?

How to recreate issue

1. Compile AuGuard.au3

2. Move nope.exe into the directory that AuGuard was compiled to.

3. Run ".AuGuard_x32.exe nope.exe" from command line in the directory of AuGuard

4. Following the termination of AuGuard_x32.exe execute nope.exe

Problem Files Here

What is AuGuard (for those who are going to ask)

AuGuard is the start of an Anti-Decompiling Self-Extracting Executable. AuGuard is yet not complete with all features. Upon completion, AuGuard will implement secure deletion of Temp files, Thread randomization (Use of threads with random data to hide the real thread), Memory scrubbing (Clearing then reusing memory cache with random data), and Self Termination upon execution of known AutoIt decompilers. AuGuard's finalized program will include both AutoIt and Python.

What is AuGuard (TL;DR edition)

It keeps your program from being stolen.

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