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Read a JS page result

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1st, i want to thank people helping other here, it is a nice resource for newbies like me!!! ;)

ok, i'm trying to read a search result from a page : http://stevemorse.org/jcal/latlon.php

that is to find an address from longitude and latitude...lets make lon=40.0548 and lat=-75.4083 for example

hitting "determine address" button will give 2 results :

Virtual Earth

430 Upper Gulph Rd, Wayne, PA 19087


401-431 Upper Gulph Rd, Wayne, PA 19087, USA

when i look to the source (HTML) code of the page, i dont see anywhere search results, just a java script... i have to manually highlight the results, left click on it and get source code for the selection, and can find it in the source generated.


i want to get it automatically and pasted in a txt file, because i need to repeat the task for new coordinates...

i made a lot of tries and cannot get it

is anyone can help??

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