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searching for a string in two files

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I got two .txt files (like the one attached).

I make these files daily. So every file will be different. (500-2000 lines).

What i need is a function to start at top of file1.txt and see if it finds this line in file2.txt. And so on with all lines in file1.txt (not sorted). And if it finds a line that is in both file1.txt and file2.txt it shuld write it to a new file.

I could solve this by making a while inside a while sentence, but that wouldent be so effective.

This brings me to my question:

Can this be done effective (and relativly easy)

Any suggestions are welcome. =)



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fileread both files.

you can do it a couple ways after that.

assume @crlf for breaks.

just off the top of my head, might have a bug in it.


for $i=1 to $fileline1[0]
if stringinstr(@crlf & $file2 & @crlf,@crlf & $fileline1[$i] & @crlf) _
and $fileline1[$i]<>"" then filewrite("found.txt",$fileline1[$i] & @crlf)

func Filereadall($_file)
return $_file

edit added code for blank lines..

Edited by scriptkitty

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Thanks scriptkitty. works perfect. Now i just have to understand it :).

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