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[Closed] _WinAPI_GetWindowLong and _WinAPI_SetWindowLong Question

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I am going though my old code looking to improve and understand things ;)

First Question -

I dont want every application on my system to be "Alt-Tabable".

The following two styles accomplish this effect but with some slight negatives

_WinAPI_SetWindowLong(WinGetHandle('[Class:Notepad]'), $GWL_Exstyle, 0x80)
;Removes Icon, Option to Min/Max and changes the close button.

_WinAPI_SetWindowLong(WinGetHandle('[Class:Notepad]'), $GWL_Exstyle, 0x08000000)
;Changes nothing visually but when draggin the application it doesn't move until mouse is released.

So does any different values that can make the application not alt-tabable

Second Question -

Lets say i set an application with one of the following code and i wanted to check it has applied how can i retreave it ? :)

#include <Constants.au3>
#include <WinAPI.au3>

ConsoleWrite(_WinAPI_GetWindowLong('[CLASS:Notepad]', $GWL_EXSTYLE) )

Returns Number but its different from the 0x80 or 0x08 if i was to set ?

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