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I just whipped up a script to merge any two 2-dimensional arrays. There are plenty of scripts out there to merge just 1-dimensional arrays and I felt I need 2-dimensional ones often enough to make a generic _MergeArray2() function. This function supports arrays of multiple bases, but the returned array is always a base-1 array with the element [0][0] being the size of the array.

; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
; AutoIt Version: 3.1.0
; Author:        Jussi Pakkanen  email: vilufin@fastmail.fm
; Script Function:
;   Merges any two 2-dimensional arrays starting from [$base][0]. The arrays must be of same base, ie. 
; you cannot merge a base-0 array with a base-1 array.
; The returned array is always base-1, eg. element $mergedArray[0][0] = UBound($mergedArray) - 1
; and the values start from [1][0]
; Usage:
; $mergedArray = _MergeArray2($array1, $array2, $base)
; --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Func _MergeArray2($array1, $array2, $base)
  ; Check if both arrays have 2 dimensions...
   If (UBound($array1, 0) <> 2) OR (UBound($array2, 0) <> 2) Then
      SetError(1); ...if not, set error state and return
  ;Adjust the size of $mergedArray to fit the contents of the arrays to be merged
  ;Check which array's dim2 is bigger and choose it as the dim2 size for $mergedArray
   If UBound($array1,2) > UBound($array2,2) Then 
      $dim2size = UBound($array1,2) - 1
      $dim2size = UBound($array2,2) - 1
  ;The size of the first dimension is both arrays' dim1 sizes combined
   $dim1size = (UBound($array1,1) - $base) + (UBound($array2,1) - $base)
   Dim $mergedArray[$dim1size + 1][$dim2size + 1]
  ;Enter the number of lines in the array into element [0][0]
   $mergedArray[0][0] = UBound($mergedArray) - 1
  ;Copy $array1 to the beginning of $mergedArray
   For $i = 0 to UBound($array1,1) - 1 - $base
      For $k = 0 to UBound($array1,2) - 1
         $mergedArray[$i+1][$k] = $array1[$i+$base][$k]

  ;Append $mergedArray with the contents of $array2
   For $i = 0 to UBound($array2,1) - 1 - $base
      For $k = 0 to UBound($array2,2) - 1
         $mergedArray[$i + 1 - $base + UBound($array1,1)][$k] = $array2[$i+$base][$k]
  ;Return the merged array
   Return $mergedArray

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