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Differentiate if exe version info is AutoIt version or script compiled version?

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I'm wondering if there is some property or flag that is a telltale to differentiate an AutoIt script that was compiled with no file version info, vs. one that just happens to have a file version that matches one of the AutoIt versions.

I know for my scripts I can put file version info during compile. But I'm assuming many people out there don't bother. So there's likely a lot of versioned exe files floating around on the web. Is there some other call or telltale where I can know for sure that the exe file has no useful version info?

I'm talking about the situation where I don't have the source and don't really know if the exe was AutoIt or a C program for that matter. It would be nice if there was some way to screen out the file versions that are just numbers stuck in by whatever version of AutoIt was used to compile.

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