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I am writing a script that needs to control the time at which applications are started.

The first application that is started is a sampler and runs various pop-up splash screens as it loads the sampler load. I need to ensure that a server is not started until these splash screens have dissapeared.

I have tried using WinWaitActive but this does not workk- I guess the spalsh screens are never 'active'. I have also tried If WinExist. One thing that does not help is that the time the splash screens remain displayed varies dependent on the size of the sampler load. I also need to catch pop-ups that are rare but still need dealing with, such as registration windows, again my code does not seem to work, can anyone see anything wrong..?

I also find that the WinActivate command sometimes works sometimes does not.


WinActivate("GigaStudio", "Port 1")


If WinActive("GigaStudio", "Port 1") Then

WinSetState("GigaStudio", "Port 1", @SW_MINIMIZE)

$TimeStamp = _DateTimeFormat( _NowCalc(),0)

FileWriteLine ( $File, $TimeStamp & " GStudio Minimized")

$Ready = 1


If WinActive("Register","") Then






Thanks Rich

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...I also need to catch pop-ups that are rare but still need dealing with, such as...


...see the help file under AdlibEnable / AdlibDisable.

As for the rest of your script, perhaps you could post the contents of the AutoIt info tool when the window of interest is present/active?


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