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Which code can't be translated to autoit?

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As sometimes I look at some code to translate to autoit using

DllCall, ObjCreateInterface, AutoitObject, DllStructCreate and so on...

Which are the parts that can't absolutely be translated?

For example, vectors like this?

vector< cv::Rect > faceVec;
           detectScale( faceVec );

and what else?

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As far as I know Classes can't be used

for example GDI+ ones:


Also multithreading can't be done (natively and simply).

Also look here


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At least OO is quite present now through Autoit_Object.

Maybe also don't work some types with DllCall, for example receive a structure as a return type, ie:

(as a struct type CvScalar)
CvScalar  cvScalar(double val0, double val1 CV_DEFAULT(0), double val2 CV_DEFAULT(0), double val3 CV_DEFAULT(0))
can't work as:
DllCall($cvCore_dll, '   ??? :cdecl','cvScalar', 'double','10', 'double','0', 'double','0', 'double','0') ;

Is there some plans to make better DllCall and structs? Or generally integration with C?

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