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Pixelsearch Getting Result Outside Coordinates

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I'm using PixelSearch to search only 1 pixel for a specific color which changes shades. I tried other methods but they just didn't react quickly enough and missed when the pixel turned the shade I'm looking for.

The coordinates are 87,389 but I'm also getting results 1 pixel outside the coordinates which I do not want.

$coord = PixelSearch( 87, 389, 87, 389, 0x6E6CBC, 30 );

I know pixelsearch was meant to be used for a larger area but is there anything I can do to make it look in only a 1 pixel area?

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Are you saying that that code will sometimes return either of these sets of coordinates:





If so, I can't duplicate those results, PixelSearch seems to search only a single pixel when I specify the same left/right top/bottom coordinates. Do you have a simple example picture to test on?

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there is a pixel search command?!?

ill have to look into that...maybe it is faster than my own pixel searcher that i made...

have you tried using PixelGetColor and a If statement to check to see if it is the correct color?

:cheer: awww...wheres the chick?

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