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If you are critical of scripts that are NOT documented and are NOT ready for "prime time", do NOT work instantly without any configuration, and are NOT supported by the author, then please save your valuable time and do NOT download or comment on this script.

On the other hand, if you are interested in a script as described above then please download and feel free to improve this script as you see fit. I probably won't develop this much further so I am sharing in case it may be helpful to another.

Prerequisite: You MUST have a working knowledge of the Make_PE3 Autoit script that is used to create Windows PE3 boot images, otherwise the attached will not make any sense to you.

How to get started: Read the ini file first - this is your guide to how this script works.

Important: This script will run but it will NOT do anything until you take some time to setup your Make_PE3 environment as outlined in the ini file.

Features & Benefits

  • Manage multiple customized PE3 versions
  • Edit the WIM file versus rebuilding the entire PE3 image for minor changes
  • Quickly rebuild the PE3 ISO file


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