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So i have a file that contains all kinds of information about a network adapter formattes something like this


this is some stuff

this is stuff too = 12345

this is more


this is some stuff

this is more = <WHAT I NEED>

more more etc...



end of file

how would i go about extracting this to a variable in auto it?

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activationkey = 0006306948189422573245

type = standalone


application_1 = Gateway.exe

application_2 = Client.exe

application_3 = discovery-server.exe

application_4 = discovery-responder.exe


clientkeypath = mycert


customerid = 112

networkpassword = 3497398556403941

gwid = 630

gwuser = Gateway@company.com

gwpassword = wxn4tx2bx7jrjn


primarysubnet = 2001:5470:214b:0120::

ptunaddress = 2001:0470:818b:0501::0120:0002

secondarysubnet = 2001:0470:8135:0121::

ptunsubnet = 2071:9470:813b:0001::0120

ptunsubnetmask = 112

primarysubnetmask = 64

secondarysubnetmask = 64

tunnelservertcpport = 50494

tunnelserveripv4address = 143.155.782.209

slash48address = 2001:0470:813b:

cint = Wireless Network Connection

This is what my file looks like. What i need is in red. The file is a special file called a .gateway file but it opens normally as a text file.

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