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How can I open SSL Connection

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Hi everyone,

I'm writting an IRC Chat client. I have written version 1 with normal IRC protocol (not SSL)

In version 2, I want to connect to IRC server using Secure Socket Layer (SSL). However, I could not find any solution in our forum and google.

This is my IRCConnect version 1 (normal IRC)

Func _IRCConnect ($server, $port, $nick)
    Local $i = TCPConnect(TCPNameToIP($server), $port)
    TCPSend($i, "NICK " & $nick & @CRLF)
    TCPSend($i, "USER " & $nick & " 0 0 " & $nick &@CRLF)
    Return $i

I think I must use an other connect funtion instead of "TCPConnect()" (st like TCPConnectEx() with an option is SSL). However, it do not exist.

Please give me some advice!


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Use WINHTTP. There's a UDF made be Trancexx and Progandy. Google it.

Things that I've done..

Icon Resource Editor: icon resource editor 

AutoIt Piano: a piano

AutoIt Unlocker: unlocks files when you want to delete them

Colorful tooltips: a wrapper for the tool tips UDF

Rouge GoogleBot: a full screen animation

ASciTE text editor: a text editor written in autoit

Warning: Posts by this user are subject to change or may disappear without notice.

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Hi ApudAngelorum,

As I know, WINHTTP is a library which work with HTTP protocol and it support HTTPS. I need a lib working with IRC SSL or a function can connect SSL protocol.

The TrayIRC program also don't support SSL ;)

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