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Barcode Scaner + exit result in a notepad

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Hi everybody i have to find a solution to save time. I got barcode on 10 BackUp TAPE and i need to inventory all of them. The tape can be at 3 place and i want to look on my notepad to find where is my BackUpTape.

First i want to take my usb scaner and take a $barcode of it

after i want to select the place where i have put the tape $place1, $place2, $place3

and when i push a enter button i want to send it in a notepad $barcode && $place? && $time

someone have a simple idea?

thank you

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I don't know how you will get the barcode into AutoIt but after you do that the rest is easy

Just create a GUI with Combo control containing $Place1, $Place2, $Place3.

Set a Hotkey for {Enter} to call a function

Your function will need to create a string of the barcode the selected Combo item (GUICtrlRead) and @Hour@Min@MDay@Mon@Year

Format the date/time anyway you want.

Then use FileWriteLine to write it to a text file.

Personally (since you only have 10) I would use an Ini file format with the following.

IniWrite($sIni, "Storage Data", $Barcode, $Place? & " " & @Hour & " :" & @Min & " " & @MDay & "/" & @Mon & "/" & @Year)

If you had more items it would be worth your while to use a database instead of an ini file.


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thank you for the idea i have done a .bat and its working very well i will post the code here soon but i really want to create a GUI this week for this script

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