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uhh . cant i just do this in vbs ?

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I'll attatch this script I made to be open source for ppl to use in stealthbot on battle.net (warcraft iii)

Say you're in a game but you are not sure about some of they players. So you can whisper your bot and dig up some data on them before you let them play in your game. hehe ..

Ya this works great. If you have warcraft iii . just get stealthbot at www.stealthbot.net and drop it in your bot folder and overwrite and go !!!!


I wanna make a stand exe that will do the same thing but will not requre stealthbot. So you can do all this stuff by just typing the command and the players names (etc) in the game msg box.

Course I want it to do other things like allow you to change hotkeys in the game. Like if your hero has crazy hotkeys and you don't happen to be a guitar player, you can type a command like "@v=c,7=f,8=d@"

I'll put this web site there and everything. And probly post it at http://www.dota-allstars.com

Any vbs translators here ? check out the script and get an idea of what I'm doin ?

thx :)


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How about just this to start with ?

In the game if I hit a key it will send a different key ?

Surely someone can tell me right off hand how to do that.

I ran that scite thing and did some stuff in warcraft window . but I have to do it again cause I can't find the text file that I saved.


here's a new one

WinWait("Warcraft III","")
If Not WinActive("Warcraft III","") Then WinActivate("Warcraft III","")
WinWaitActive("Warcraft III","")
WinWait("Program Manager","")
If Not WinActive("Program Manager","") Then WinActivate("Program Manager","")
WinWaitActive("Program Manager","")

All I did was start the game . shrink screen and start the recorder and go back to game, got a hero and hit "b" and left clicked ( but i wasn't recording mouse clicks.)

Even if I have to shrink the screen and edit the script and reload the script manually (at first) I'll even be happy with that for now.


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Fine I can take a hint. No one cares . I just wanted to see if I could get anyone on this forum board can get me started on a simple script . Guess it's time to just let it go :whistle:

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Not so much that no-one cares; I certainly care but I don't know the first thing about VBS. I would imagine that a lot of other people here don't either -- it is after all an AutoIt forum! :whistle:

You wrote the VBS so you should have a good idea in your mind of how it works -- this well help you greatly in translating it yourself.

Setting AutoIt to accept one key and send another is pretty simple: look up HotKeySet(), Func..EndFunc and Send().

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