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I installed the latest autoIt and installed it for windows 7 and it worked almost perfectly. I then tried to install it on another machine which runs windows XP. That installation is not working. The error message claims that the msvcr100.dll file is missing but I have checked 3 different winXP computers and none of them has this DLL.

I also tried to download the dll from the net but i get the error message that the dll immage is corrupted. The same error appears when i copy the dll from the windows 7 to the XP computer.

My question is: should the msvcr100.dll be a part of the winXP installation and how do I do to make autoIT work?

Best regards/

Daniel Grafström

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msvcr100.dll is the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable dll that is needed for projects built with Visual Studio 2010.

You should download it from dll-files.com

sorry qvex21 we posted the same time ;)

ps:dangraf is better to follow qvex21 link..

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