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listview with FIFO (first in firt out) logic

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I run in a little problem, non so little for me.

I was working to create a small tcp server, and I want to have a window with a listview with the last 50 events.

50 or one hundred, no difference, but i want to put a limit.

When the server starts it reaches 50 events displayed, but after it have to delete the first item and display the event no 51 .

First in first out logic.

I have figured to do this but with my knowledge it involves to use arrays to store events and re-create all the listview for every element after the no 50, a slow procedure, both in code and in video display.

Someone have ideas for a more elegant solution ?


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You can use _GUICtrlListView_DeleteItem() to delete a specific item, just don't use GUICtrlGetHandle() if you use a native control like the example shows, that is wrong.

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