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Double clicking on a line in the Output Window does nothing

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I have a file search executable that when called from a hotkey displays file line information to the Output window.

I want to double click on one of these lines and have the editor go to that line in the file being edited.

The problem is that the double click does nothing.

Example of the data displayed in the Output Window:

>D:\Util\Misc\AutoITTabNames.exe "abcdef"

D:\Util\AutoIT-src\myStuff\AutoITTabNames\AutoITTabNames.au3:16; abcdef

>Exit code: 0 Time: 0.641

I want to double click on the 2nd line and have the editor respond bu going to line 16 of the file.

If I change the executable to call "FindStr", it works. An example of the output from FindStr:

>C:\Windows\System32\Findstr.exe /N /I /C:"abcdef" "D:\Util\AutoIT-src\myStuff\AutoITTabNames\AutoITTabNames.au3" nul

D:\Util\AutoIT-src\myStuff\AutoITTabNames\AutoITTabNames.au3:16:; abcdef

>Exit code: 0 Time: 0.228

When I double click on the 2nd line in the Output window, the editor moves to line 16, as I expect.

I do all this by entering this info in the au3.properties file:


command.name.44=Find Selected text in All Open Documents

command.44.=$(myFindcmd) "$(CurrentWord)"



When I run it, I see all of the matching lines in all of the open files in the console output window, but when I double click on the results, nothing happens.

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I found the problem. I was missing the ":" after the line number

D:UtilAutoIT-srcmyStuffAutoITTabNamesAutoITTabNames.au3:16; abcdef

should have been:

D:UtilAutoIT-srcmyStuffAutoITTabNamesAutoITTabNames.au3:16:; abcdef

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