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This might have been posted and answered before but I don't know the "key" word thus this might be a duplicate. My apology.

Goal: To be able to modify the appropriate member of the printer devmode base on user's preference.


  • Use the Printing Preferences dialog in modifying the appropriate member of the printer devmode.
  • Use a PRINTUI.DLL function to save the devmode values in a binary file.
Saving the devmode value was easy but what gated me is how to modify the appropriate member using the Printing Preferences dialog by invoking it using this code:

Run('RUNDLL32 PRINTUI.DLL,PrintUIEntry /e /n "' & printername & '"')

The problem with using this code is that it doesn't have a return value whether the user is clicking the OK or CANCEL button. The only solution I think is to query that button state (either OK or CANCEL). Unfortunately, I don't know how to do that. I cannot seems to find the solution from the help file thus I'm looking here for help. Is it possible to query the state (clicked or not) of OK or CANCEL buttons in Printing Preferences dialog? Or is there other way invoking the Printing Preference dialog without using the said code? Any solutions/suggestions are very much appreciated.


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