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Dynamic naming variables in a loop

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I believe an explanation is in order here.

Some time ago I tested a few csv parsing functions (written in AutoIt) using the above example from wiki (as a benchmark). None of the algorithms returned the expected results. I then made the assumption that fields with embedded line breaks had been overlooked (my mistake). ProgAndy's code was just one of several algorithms that I tested, but I didn't really understand his code at the time.

For a while I thought my version was the only one that catered for embedded line breaks, until FichteFoll posted his version, which I thought was in some ways superior to mine..I did mention the enclosed line break issue at some point, but deleted my comments since I got no responce and I was uncomfortable criticising other people's code (I didn't mention anything about ProgAndy's version BTW).

In addition to the above, I don't believe that trailing line breaks are obligatory in csv format and I don't really see any advantage to including them. Perhaps someone can provide an explanation as to why they are sometimes included.

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