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Help with timers, i'm stuck.

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Hello everybody i need the community's help one more time.

I've been working on a project which requires to set some "time stamps" using timerinit() command.

then check each time difference and do stuff.

The problem is that my script doesn't work as expected and i can't figure out the mistake

I know that it is not appropriate to give you a bunch of code and ask you to solve it for me but i don't know what else to do.

I "executed" the script in my head dozens of times, i used all the debuging tricks i knew (msgbox, _arraydisplay, consoleWrite etc), i even used pencil and paper, but with no result.

In order to test the script you must download this:

Arduino Simulator V0.01.au3

then rename this:


to timer.nag (Can't upload a .nag file)

Then execute Arduino Simulator V0.01.au3 and go to file-open and select the timer.nag file

After that press "RUN"

The way it should work is that by pressing the little button "0" it should wait 3 seconds and then turn the "pin 1" to green

by pressing the button "2" it should turn the "pin 4" to green instanly.

The problem is that the script doesn't wait 3 seconds as it should, but the waiting time is random.

The lines of code which i believe the problem is are lines: 166->169 and 181, 182

I believe that the confusion is because i use many "time_stamps", because all the examples i found using timerinit() used just once.

I used the timerinit() command and not the sleep() command because i want to be able to toggle the button "2" while the scripts waits

the 3 seconds after the button "1" is pressed.

I apologise for the coplexity of my request but you are my last hope.

Thanks in advance.

Coding can be fun when you do it your own.

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Can you give a quick explanation of how you are interpreting the rules? It looks a bit complicated top me.

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Finally after a lot of testing i managed to get it to work properly. Thank you all for your time.

Script will be soon released in the examples section

Coding can be fun when you do it your own.

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