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Program that will help me fill forms in work. How to start ?

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Hello in the biginnig i will say that this is my first post so sorry if i choose wrong forum. I want to make a simple program with auto it. It will do something like that:

If i press function key F2 it will write: "PLEASE SEND ME YOUR MAIL", if i press another function keys it will fill in with difrent text. I want to make it for F2 - F10, and for the combination CTRL+(F2-F10). I don't know how to start. I try to search for it on this forum but i don't know how it will be discribe and where it will be. It will be nice if it will use config file, that will show F2-"text1", F3 -"another text" and it will be easy to change. It will be nice if it will have graphic interface that will show what keys are used with what text. If somewhere on this forum is example of something like that i will be very grateful.

THX for u help :).


Sorry for me english ;)

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Just to get you started:

Hotkeyset("{F2}", "FunctionNumber1") ;{F2} is the F2 button on your keyboard. "FunctionNumber1" is the function that will run when you press the F2 button. 

;the next hotkey will be {F3} with the function "FunctionNumber2" 

Func FunctionNumber1()

Send("SEND ME YOUR MAIL.") ;change whatever is in the "" to what you want to send. 

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