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Command Line Arguments - AutoPlay Media Studio

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Associating with AutoIt with Ams or autoit to ams Associating

ams and autoit

heres the AutoIT source

; Example by RizlaUK


; $Cmdline[1]=TITLE

; $Cmdline[2]=MESSAGE

; $Cmdline[3]=ICON

; $Cmdline[4]=TIME

if $Cmdline[0] then

; starts a tray tip.

TrayTip($Cmdline[1], $Cmdline[2], 5, $Cmdline[3])



; starts a tray tip.

TrayTip("Tray Tip Tool", "This is a tray tip tool by d-net software", 5, 1)



; end of script.


and heres the APMS source, ams source

-- TrayTip Title

strTitle ="Title";

-- TrayTip Body Text

strText = "Body Text...";

---- TrayTip Icon

-- 0 = None

-- 1 = Information

-- 2 = Exclaimation

-- 3 = Error

-- 4 = Default

-- 7 = Question

-- 13 = EXE Window

strIcon = "4";

-- TrayTip Delay (milliseconds)

strDelay = "3000";

strArgument = '"'..strTitle..'" "'..strText..'" '..strIcon..' '..strDelay;

result = File.Run("AutoPlayDocsTrayTip.exe", strArgument, "", SW_SHOWNORMAL, false);


but how is autoit to ams ?

ams info

Command Line Arguments - AutoPlay Media Studio (pages 1-4) help


asm code;

for index, parametre in pairs(_CommandLineArgs) do

Dialog.Message("Parametreler", "Command line argumentn"..index.." = "..parametre);



for index, parametre in pairs(_CommandLineArgs) do

if parametre == "/kucult" then




but how is autoit code?

I want to achieve from AutoIt to asm with Command Line Arguments

thank you now

autoit code? help me

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