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Is there a reason my hotkey isn't working?

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Hi All

I've just started learning AutoIT, so do forgive me if my question is foolish. I am currently trying to automate filling in a form that allows me to do mass bookings for my customers. The script is as follows:

HotKeySet("#Space", "_Start")

While 1



Func _Start()

WinWaitActive ("Booking Calendar - Add Booking Event - Mozilla Firefox")

Send ("+{TAB 16}")

Send ("{Space}")

Send ("{Tab}")

Send ("Test")

Send ("{Tab}")

Send ("66666666")

Send ("{Tab}")

Send ("noemail@test.com")

Send ("{Tab}")

Send ("Test")


If I only use the function itself, from WinWaitActive to Send ("Test"), it works. The moment I try to use a hotkey to activate filling in the form though, pressing Windows + Spacebar doesn't do anything. Has there been anything that I overlooked? Thank you very much for your help!

Oops, I realized my silly error. It should have been #{Space}.

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From HotKeySet() help file:

The key combination to use as the hotkey. Same format as Send().

Look at the Send() function in the helpfile at the two keys you are trying to bind.


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