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I am trying to develop a script to autodownload pdf files from a set of URLs using DownthemAll.

The steps are:

1-Go to the URL of interest

2- Auto start DownthemAll

2a- Wait for the webpage to load.

2b- Right click at the appropriate position where pdf files are located.

2c- Choose DownthemAll from the context menu by clicking "n".

3- Auto browse the destination folder

3a-Click the folder icon within DownthemAll window

3b-Browse for the appropriate destination folder.

4- Go to the next URL and the cycle repeats.

The problems I am facing are:

For every download:

1- Wait for the webpage to load.

2- Change the URL to the next one. Luckily, the URLs change only in numbers

for example: www.site.com/v1/n1

the next one www.site.com/v1/n2

and so on...

2-Change the destination folder for every URL.

So, two variables are URL and destination folder.

Here is incomplete code:

ShellExecute ( "URL")
WinWaitActive ("Browser window title")
MouseClick ("right", 706,  661)
Send ("n")
WinWaitActive ( "DownThemAll! - Make Your Selection")

Pls help me complete the code I think it will be a useful utility for everyone else as well.

Here is the DownthemAll window


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