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Resolved - AutoLogon in Windows 7

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I wrote a security tool that reads the autologon keys within HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WinLogon. The values are DefaultUsername, DefaultPassword, DefaultDomainName, AutoAdminLogon and ForceAutoLogon. It works great in WinXP, but not in Win7. So, I found Wow6432Node and added the values there and it reads from there.

But that doesn't fix the problem. I deleted the values from the non-Wow6432Node path, and Win 7 no longer auto-logs in.

Therefore, I'm stuck ...

1. It seems I can have Win 7 auto-login, but not be able to read the values.


2. I can change the values in Wow6432Node, but Win 7 ignores them.

What are my options?

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I found some information that may be the answer, but how to implement in AutoIT?


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