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i've made several icon files (using gimp), and after i compile, the exe looks like the icon, which is what i want.

but if i run the exe on another pc, the icon doesn't show.

what are the specs (dimmensions of the ico) i should use?

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It's probably due to the way you made it, if not, then some form of black magic is definitely being thrown into the mix from somewhere, make sure to secure a 2000 square foot parameter around the afflicted personal desktop computer and investigate the vicinity to identify and possible anomalies that may be directly influencing the suspect computer.

Upon identifying the cause, take appropriate actions to contain and secure the subject to prevent any further interference. Otherwise, if no suspicious evil entities have been found, then this is most likely the method the icon was created, try using a different icon development utility like IcoFX (the free version is great).

Also, the usual icon dimensions are 48x 32x 16x. The problem is probably the way gimp makes the icon file, I remember I had problems with it too before.

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