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I've been trying to interface with a remedy window.

It has multiple entry boxes and pull downs.

I can do winactivate to get the remedy window active.

But I need to be able to locate at least 1 particular input box to be able to put/get text.

How do I locate the cursor relative to the Remedy window, and not my script window?

Or does anyone know where I can get information on remedy Object (which probably won't do the job, as the form is custom)? So far, my script only works if I click on the correct field before pushing the button to start collecting the text from each field, moving from one field to the next by sending TAB.

Case $button_getCaller ;Get Caller info from OPAS SD Control Panel

;assume Remedy is running and has SD Control Panel on top.

; Make sure OPAS is up and active

$Title = WinGetTitle("BMC Remedy User")

WinActivate($Title) ; set focus on BMC Remedy User

; Get cursor located to EID field

;ControlClick($Title,"",32768,"primary",1,159,112) ; this is not selecting correctly


;assume active cursor is at Employee ID field



;after Lname is selected, sending tab goes to next horz field.

$name_last = ControlGetText($Title,"",32768) ; This is working for the selected field.


$name_first = ControlGetText($Title,"",32768)

GUICtrlSetData($input1,$name_last & ", " & $name_first) ; test working for selected field only.


$temp = ControlGetText($Title,"",32768)

GUICtrlSetData($input2,$temp) ;phone


$temp = ControlGetText($Title,"",32768)

GUICtrlSetData($input6,$temp) ;email


$temp = ControlGetText($Title,"",32768)

GUICtrlSetData($input3,$temp) ;location/office

Send("{TAB}") ;account

Send("{TAB}") ;campus

Send("{TAB}") ;source

Send("{TAB}") ;state

Send("{TAB}") ;Last Updated

Send("{TAB}") ;Department


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