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screen capture the quality is very bad

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I would like to ask a simple question about the screen capture .

Is It possible to capture the same quality as the original??

I notes that the color is deeper then the original one.

I also tried to fix It with zoom option ,but It cant help .

_ScreenCapture_SetJPGQuality($iQuality) the default is 100 so wont help .

Any Idea ??

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For things like screenshots of dialogs, office apps etc (i.e. single-color backgrounds with lots of important detail) it is hard to beat PNG, which is a lossless compression format that produces very compact image files. JPG might do well on photos, but its fuzzying algorithm plays hell with edges, so it is a poor choice for OCR and other technical image work. BMP is fine except it produces huge files. I go with PNG whenever I have a choice.

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