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Getting large amounts of text from a txt file

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i have a proble here i have a text file, which is already opened, that i need to get into a variable ,$text , i cant use Wingettext because that is limited to 64Kb i tried using FileRead("filename", Filegetsize("filename") but it seems that it only returns 64KB also. Are there any other ways to get the job done?



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I am using version 3.1.1 heres the text i am trying to read(attached). what i am trying to do is i play poker on pokerstars, and i like to keep track of my play money stats and real money however with the program i use it doesnt let me import play money hand histories. so i made a script that adds the dollars signs an such to make it look like a real money have and then i import it into the statistics manager(obviously into a separate database) but when i get a file that is over 64kb it cuts it off when i read it. i dont know if im doing some thing wrong or what

$text = Fileread($sfile, Filegetsize($sfile));reads the file selected in a different part of the script
$n = 0; from here down is the editing part
For $n = 1 To 9 Step 1
    $search = "(" & $n
    $replace = "($" & $n
    $text = StringReplace($text, $search, $replace)
$text = StringReplace($text, "($5/10)", "($5/$10)")
$text = StringReplace($text, "($100/200)", "($100/$200)")
$text = StringReplace($text, "posts small blind ", "posts small blind $") 
$text = StringReplace($text, "posts big blind ", "posts big blind $") 
$text = StringReplace($text, "posts small & big blinds ", "posts small & big blinds $") 
$text = StringReplace($text, "bets ", "bets $")
$text = StringReplace($text, "calls ", "calls $")
$text = StringReplace($text, "raises ", "raises $")
$text = StringReplace($text, "Total pot ", "Total pot $")    
$text = StringReplace($text, "Main pot ", "Main pot $", 0, 1)
$text = StringReplace($text, "Side pot ", "Side pot $", 0, 1)
$text = StringReplace($text, "Rake ", "Rake $")
$sid = 0
For $sid = 1 To 8 Step 1
    $search = "Side pot-" & $sid & " "
    $replace = $search & "$"
    $text = StringReplace($text, $search, $replace, 0, 1) 
$col = 0
For $col = 1 To 9 Step 1
    $search = "collected " & $col
    $replace = "collected $" & $col
    $text = StringReplace($text, $search, $replace)
$to = 0
For $to = 0 To 9 Step 1
    $search = $to & " to "
    $replace = $search & "$"
    $text = StringReplace($text, $search, $replace)
$text = StringReplace($text, " (Play Money)", "");editing ends here
ControlSetText("HH", "", 59648, $text); takes the string that was edited and puts it back in the text file maybe this is my problem???
Send("!fs"); saves the file(opens file menu and chooses save)

Edited: ok i think i found my problem...it is the controlsettext, i believe, what other way could i do that?


Edited by viper8907
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With the help from Lasycat i did this for one of my scripts.

#include <file.au3>
Func Readline()
    $i = 0
    $Lines = _FileCountLines(@ScriptDir & "\" & @UserName & ".txt")
    If Not $lines = 0 Then
    ReDim $ahsLines[$Lines][2]
    $file = FileOpen(@ScriptDir & "\" & @UserName &".txt", 0)
        $i = $i + 1
    $line = FileReadLine($file, $i)
    $ahsLines[$i-1][0] = $line
    $ahsLines[$i-1][1] = GuiCtrlCreateTreeViewItem($line, $treeview)
Until $i = $lines


This reads all the lines of a file, and adds them into a treeview.

Maby you can rewrite this simpel func. to be used in your script.

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