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Guest BigMike

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Guest BigMike

I am an extreme newbie on the whole scripting thing.

I am looking into writing a script to test software applications.

I have started with a script that tests MS-Word, it does the following "opens word, writes info into the blank doc, saves the doc, closes Word, Launch word by running the new doc, close word, delete the new doc." it will then move on to test the next program with basically the same steps.

my issue is I am testing for errors and if one comes up it just pauses the script. Is there a way to read the error, write that message to a txt and then close the error box and then skip to the next program to test? This way the entire script will run and I just need to check the error log.txt for any problems. I don't really need specific error codes "But it would be nice" I only really need to know that say MS-Word test failed, I'll then go and test that myself to get specifics.

The most important thing here is to note an error and then close everything out and start testing the next program.

Thanks for any assistance,

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