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opening many files in commandline exe

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Hello AutoIt forum,

I'm in a pickle,

I have a command line executable that allows me to convert 1 file to a different file type.

now the issue is that i have 19277 ;) files with different names but same extension that i need to have converted using that command tool

is there a way to make a script that allows me to automate the process of loading the files 1 by 1

the executable does nothing more then "program.exe file.ext"

so i need to have a way to get it to work as in detect filename-> open executable with command program.exe (detected filename) -> {delete source of detected file name}

hope i'm a bit clear...


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I know this is an AutoIt forum, but you could do this with a one line command at the CMD prompt.

for %i in (*.ext) do (program.exe %i & del %i)

Whenever someone says "pls" because it's shorter than "please", I say "no" because it's shorter than "yes".

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