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NowOn iTunes for LANs

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Hi there,

I wrote this script about 6 months ago because my colleagues at work were tired of walking over to our iTunes PC to see what song is currently playing. I also saw the need for a feature that allows you to do a quick search on Google/Amazon for the current album or artist. I know there are many solutions out there that do pretty much the same. But most of them work either only on one computer or are made to update info on a website.

Here's how it works:

1. Copy "NowOn server.exe" and "trackinfo.txt" somewhere on the computer that's running iTunes.

2. Right click on the folder that contains "NowOn server.exe" and share it to make sure every computer on the network can access it.

3. Open "NowOn.ini" with a texteditor and enter the network path of "trackinfo.txt" on the iTunes PC. The line should look something like "\\ITUNESPC\nowon\"trackinfo.txt

4. Start iTunes and "NowOn server.exe" which will update the trackinfo.txt with the trackinfo of the current song.

5. Now if you want to know what song is playing just start "NowOn.exe" on any PC that's part of the network and has access to the shared folder. Don't forget to copy the ini file with "NowOn.exe".

Please note that I'm still a newbie when it comes to programming. My code is messy and there's a lot of room for improvement and still a few bugs. So you're using it at your on risk. :) It's been running quite reliable on our company network for the last few month. If you're interested here's what I'm planning for future versions:

- be able to show previously played songs

- Switch text file to direct COM communication or TCP

Bug reports, ideas and comment are always welcome.

Here's a ZIP file wich contains compiled versions and the source code. You need the latest beta of AutoIt to run the source code.


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