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Issues with GDI Plus

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I cannot get GDI plus to work on my computer.

I am running 64bit Windows 7

I am using Autoit in 32 bit mode.

if i do a simple script such as:

#include <ScreenCapture.au3>

$try = _GDIPlus_Startup()

MsgBox (0,"gdi plus working?",$try)

i get false

I have since tried replacing the gdiplus.dll files

Any other ideas on how to troubleshoot why it isn't working?

My end goal is to use the _screencapture_capture command,

it isn't working either. eg.

#include <ScreenCapture.au3>

DirCreate ("c:\temp")


If Not FileExists ("c:\temp\temp.jpg") Then

MsgBox (0, "failed","failed")


fails to create the file for me

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update for anyone else with the same issue:

I redownloaded the latest copy of autoit, reinstalled (as i thought i already had it) and this fixed my issue!!! ;)

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