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UDF: _INITable()


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These functions are much like the previous ones written by various people (such as blindwig's Binary Tree funcs) but these use only a single string to store information. These functions store information in INI format so you can store the table to a file then read it with INIRead and such. Using these, you can store information to a key then call the key and get the information. If you try to set a key that already exists, it will overwrite the old value with the new value. Very useful.


_INITableCreate ( ) - Creates an INI Table.

_INITableSet ( ByRef $s_Table, $s_Key, $s_Value ) - Sets a key and it's value in the INI Table.

_INITableGet ( ByRef $s_Table, $s_Key ) - Gets the value of the specified key in the INI Table.

_INITableDel ( ByRef $s_Table, $s_Key ) - Deletes a key and it's value from the INI Table.

_INITableSave ( ByRef $s_Table, $s_INI ) - Writes an INI Table to a file.

_INITableLoad ( $s_INI ) - Loads an INI Table from a file.

_INITableExists ( ByRef $s_Table, $s_Key ) - Checks if a given key exists in the INI Table.

_INITableCheck ( ByRef $s_Table ) - Checks that an INI Table is in the proper format.

_INITableDisplay ( ByRef $s_Table, $s_Title = "INI Table" ) - Displays an INI Table.

Not much of anything else I can think of, I you want to check these out the UDF and example are attached. Questions/comments are greatly appreciated as I am always trying to improve my scripts! :)

EDIT: Sorry blindwig! The correct author is up there now.

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Does anyone like this or think it is an innovative idea? Also, I have updated the functions with minor bug fixes.

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