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Answering The Security Warnings On .asp Page...


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I am a system administrator for an insurance agency. I have been playing with AutoIt now for a couple of weeks, and I love it. It has really helped me automate my PC installations.

There is one thing I can't figure out how to do:

We need to load a bunch of ActiveX controls in order to make our insurance management software to work. In order to load these, we load an .asp page that loads them for us. What I want to do is call the page, which will load the controls, and then have the script answer the Security Warning dialog boxes, and then finally close the page.

What is currently happening is that I get the page - it starts installing the controls, and then a big fat nothing. The Security Warning dialog box is not answered. Maybe RunWait isn't the right command to start the page. What am I doing wrong?

; start the .asp page that loads ActiveX controls

RunWait("C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe http://ntsagitta/sagitta/active/loadctls_outlook.asp")

WinWaitActive("Security Warning","Asynchtree")

Send("!a"); Always

Send("!y"); Yes

WinWaitActive("Security Warning","Microsoft Internet Transfer")



; and so forth...

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