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Packing a PDF inside an Exe

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Ok im writing some tutorials on word and excel type stuff which im making into PDF's

Now to stop rampant copying of the files im including a little protection Find the hidden if present type scenario, so when they run it if the file isnt present then it will close.

Nothing groundbreaking just simple stuff.

Heres the question

If i embed a pdf using FileInstall so its added to the compiled exe

Do i just call the pdf using ShellExecute ?

Or do i have to empty the file somewhere and call from there?

Or is there a better way?

Many thanks

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FileInstall() function is made to move the file to a specified location. Then, like you said, just call it with ShellExecute() from the location that FileInstall() spit the file out at.

EDIT: I would just dump it in @TempDir and call it. If the user wants to save a copy themselves they can do it. Have it ShellExecuteWait() instead, then when their PDF reader closes, have it cleanup the file out of @TempDir.

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