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Camview 3D Model Viewer - Use your webcam to rotate 3D objects!

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Hello, I haven't made anything in a while, so I decided to tackle this project. I'm actually surprised I could finish it and at least sort of get it to work before giving up.

So anywho: This is a simple 3D model viewer, where you can use your webcam to rotate the object!

And... that's pretty much it. lol. Further instructions are in the ReadMe included with the download.

Keep in mind that it didn't work too well in my conditions, since I'm not near any nice, clear, blank walls to use as a backdrop, so I couldn't test it fully. If you wish to fiddle around with the sensetivity or the speed of the rotating object, I also have the source available for download, but that requires to have the specific libraries as specified with the download.

DOWNLOAD EXE: http://adf.ly/9v1gx

DOWNLOAD SOURCE: http://adf.ly/9v1iE


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Looks very interesting.

I couldn't test it well enough yet, since I'm at work. And it would like a bit if I start waving at myself..

Still, when I get back home, I'm will definitely test it!


A minesweeper game created in autoit, source available.


An UDF for registering functions to mouse events, made in pure autoit.

2D Hitbox Editor

A 2D hitbox editor for quick creation of 2D sphere and rectangle hitboxes.

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(OS: Win XP) I have a Logitech webcam (plug and play), which is permanently connected on the back side of CPU (its working fine), but your app doesn't seem to detect it. Worked on a friend's PC and good app indeed.


:bye: Hey there, was I helpful?


My Current OS: Win8 PRO (64-bit); Current AutoIt Version: v3.3.8.1

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