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caught in translation...

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i know nothing of C++ but was wondering what the translation of this would look like... for refences to C++ to autoit (Would be a Awesome Help File) :)

void CreateClass(IWbemServices *pSvc)
  IWbemClassObject *pNewClass = 0;
  IWbemContext *pCtx = 0;
  IWbemCallResult *pResult = 0;

  // Get a class definition. 
  // ============================
  HRESULT hRes = pSvc->GetObject(0, 0, pCtx, &pNewClass, &pResult);

  // Create the class name.
  // ============================
  V_VT(&v) = VT_BSTR;
  V_BSTR(&v) = SysAllocString(L"Example");
  BSTR Class = SysAllocString(L"__CLASS");
  pNewClass->Put(Class, 0, &v, 0);

  // Create the key property. 
  // ============================
  BSTR KeyProp = SysAllocString(L"Index");
  pNewClass->Put(KeyProp, 0, NULL, CIM_STRING);

  // Attach Key qualifier to mark the "Index" property as the key.
  // ============================
  IWbemQualifierSet *pQual = 0;
  pNewClass->GetPropertyQualifierSet(KeyProp, &pQual);

  V_VT(&v) = VT_BOOL;
  BSTR Key = SysAllocString(L"Key");

  pQual->Put(Key, &v, 0);   // Flavors not required for Key 

  // No longer need the qualifier set for "Index"

  // Create other properties.
  // ============================
  V_VT(&v) = VT_BSTR;
  V_BSTR(&v) = SysAllocString(L"<default>");
  BSTR OtherProp = SysAllocString(L"OtherInfo");
  pNewClass->Put(OtherProp, 0, &v, CIM_STRING);

  OtherProp = SysAllocString(L"IntVal");
  pNewClass->Put(OtherProp, 0, NULL, CIM_SINT32); // NULL is default
  // Register the class with WMI
  // ============================
  hRes = pSvc->PutClass(pNewClass, 0, pCtx, &pResult);
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Loosely translated since I'm not familiar with those COM interfaces:

class MyClass
    MyClass() : m_iIndex(0) { }
    MyClass(const int index) : m_iIndex(index) { }

    void SetIndex(const int index)
        m_iIndex = index;
    const int GetIndex() const
        return m_iIndex;
    int m_iIndex;

You can add a similar getter/setter for the "OtherProp" property. Note that "properties" are not something inherent to C++ objects. At least, they are not called properties. They are referred to as data members. This one has a data member of an int and provides a function to access that value and a function to set that value. In COM, which is what that code is utilizing, properties are more akin to meta-data for the "object". A meta-data-like approach isn't implemented in the same way in C++ as compared to COM. You're really comparing cars to doorknobs asking for much of a translation here.

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Loosely translated since I'm not familiar with those COM interfaces:

O.K. And here is my "simplified" transalation to AutoIT.

func _Ret($val)
  return $val

@WSCPorts: I hope this helps.



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