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Making Radios Pushlike

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Need more help with styles. How do you make radio boxes pushlike? I have tried the $BS_PUSHLIKE and the $BS_PUSHBOX and even tried BitOR'ing these. No luck.

Any thoughts?

Any luck with trying to get the run option of comboboxes to work while it is hidden?


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AU3GUIXP example below.

Global $BS_PUSHLIKE = 4096

EnvSet("GUI", "title=Test|w=200|h=200")
EnvSet("OBJ1", "type=radio|text=Test1|x=5|y=5|w=100|h=20|style=" & $BS_PUSHLIKE)
EnvSet("OBJ2", "type=radio|text=Test2|x=5|y=25|w=100|h=20|style=" & $BS_PUSHLIKE)

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I can manipulate the control I just can't get it to use it's run portion. It's easy to work around but it would be nice to not have to. B)

As far as the styles go I am a freaking idiot. I had


Instead of

Style=' & $BS_PUSHLIKE


Thanks guys.



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