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[Combobox] Right way to put focus + select item?

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I'm an AutoIT newbie, and need to select an item in a combobox. I googled for this, but would like to check what's the right way to solve this.

The combobox control I need to click on and select an item from is class=TbsSkinOfficeComboBox.

Should I use this, or is there a better way?

;Which should I choose?

#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>

ControlCommand("My GUI", "", "[CLASS:TbsSkinOfficeComboBox; INSTANCE:1]", "SelectString", "item2")

Thank you.

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I made a bit of progress understanding how AutoIT works with controls, but the following code doesn't work: The script just waits doing nothing, although the application is running with its window maximized:

#region --- Internal functions Au3Recorder Start ---

Func _Au3RecordSetup()

Func _WinWaitActivate($title,$text,$timeout=0)
If Not WinActive($title,$text) Then WinActivate($title,$text)

#endregion --- Internal functions Au3Recorder End ---

ControlClick("[CLASS:TfrmHome]", "", "[ID:2164966]")

Can someone spot what's wrong with the above?

Thank you.

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Thanks for the help. I found what it was: The following code as generated by Au3Recorder doesn't work:


This works:

;time out after 10s
;BAD _WinWaitActivate("classname=TfrmHome","",5)

MsgBox(64, "My title", "My text")

Bottom line: Although it should be a great help for newbies to get started with AutoIT, Au3Recorder is to be avoided.

Thank you.

Edited by littlebigman
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