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InetGet results in different result from manual surf..

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EDIT: Never mind. It seems that if I surf with IE och Chrome, it also shows my internal IP instead of my external one. With Firefox (which is my default), it shows the external IP. So this has nothing to do with Autoit =)


This started happening just recently. This has previously worked fine.

I have a script that checks my external IP with http://checkip.dyndns.org

If I surf there normally, I just get my external IP.

From the autoit script:

InetGet($URL, @TempDir & "IP.dat", 1)

Where $URL is http://checkip.dyndns.org

If I do that today, the IP.dat file contains my local IP on the machine I run the script on, not the external IP. Could any kind soul please verify this for me and see if there are any workarounds?

There are other "showip" sites out there which seems to work. I've only tested two of them, but my script runs through ~30 such sites.. Basically its a VPN checker. It kills processes if the external IP changes, and it checks the external IP every 2-4 seconds, so I do not want to spam checkip.dyndns.org, thats why it picks a site from my list at random to check with.

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