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I know the help file has a ton of information in it, but to understand basic things like Arrays and to be able to read the example scripts properly, what would a person benefit from?

I have always shyed away from programming because, quite frankly, I hate it. I work with servers and hardware,...raids, SANS, VMs, things like that. But I find myself using autoit more and more. Would a C++ course, or a VB class help me here or would I be hurting myself?

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I think autoit is a great place to start, you can get your programming principles down solid, with a relatively simple langauge.

it seems like everything I ever need in C++ has already been made by somebody else. I can tie things together to get most simple things done faster with autoit.

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Search the forum here using the keyword tutorial. There's video tutorials on YouTube as well. Running the examples in the Help file, after reading what the function is supposed to do, helps tremendously. Good luck! :D

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