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Title less JS popup preventing script completion.

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Hey all.

I have been trolling this site (and google) for some time but can't find a solution.

I'm busy automating a website that we have built as regression testing manually takes too long. We are also forced to use firefox so by default, I am including <FF.au3>

I managed to create quite a couple of working scripts but at a point in the automation lifetime, I need to delete the items created by the scripts for future use.

This is where the problem comes in, as it was coded, the delete opens a JSPopup confirmation window. ( post-74018-0-25837200-1340890489_thumb.p )

This window has no title, nor am I able to trap it with Firebug.

I have tried running the lines of:


_FFLinkClick("Delete", "text") ;At this point, the js popup is called and goes into an endless loop of timing out.



My idea was to have the call time out thus continueing the script, but the endless loop caught me.

Can anybody perhaps point me in the right direction...

Ill be more than happy to supply more details if needed.

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Thanx for the feed back. The system we are building is aimed for FireFox but we do support all IE (7, 8 & 9), Chrome and Safari.

And yes, when I click on Cancel (or OK for that matter), the script does continue.

The odd thing is that the initial way I had it worked (via my time out method), but I re wrote all the scripts to make use of functions instead.

I just encased the pieces of code that worked into functions and the endless loop thing started happening.

Whe I reverted back to my initial scripts, the same happened..

PS. The info tool only sees to the level of the browser (firefox), but none of the internal goods. (who knows, maby my info tool is broken :D )

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