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I just wanted to check and see if anyone has done any projects involving automating IBM WebSphere MQ.

Basically what I want to do is automatically put messages onto queues.


Edit: A little more info.

There is an API that can be used, but it is in C/C++ and I'm not really sure if it would be possible to do this through AutoIT?


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This is the example on the linked page.

#include <tpf/cmqc.h>
   MQBYTE  buffer[] = "THIS IS A MESSAGE";
   MQMD    md = {MQMD_DEFAULT};          /* Message Descriptor  */
   MQPMO   pmo = {MQPMO_DEFAULT};          /* Put Msg Options    */
   MQLONG  msgLength = sizeof(buffer);    /* Msg length       */
   MQHCONN Hcon;                            /* Connection Handle   */
   MQHOBJ  Hobj;                            /* Object Handle       */
   MQLONG  CompCode;                        /* completion code   */
   MQLONG  Reason;                        /* reason code         */
   md.Persistence = MQPER_PERSISTENT;
   md.MsgType    = MQMT_DATAGRAM;
   /* Hcon Hobj from previous MQCONN MQOPEN calls */
   MQPUT(Hcon, Hobj, &md, &pmo,
            msgLength, buffer, &CompCode, &Reason);
      if(Reason != MQRC_NONE)
         printf("MQPUT ended with reason code %d\n", Reason);
      } else

I've never created .dll's or anything like that but if I were to create a .dll with cmqc.h would I then be able to use these functions in AutoIt with a dll call?

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