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[SOLVED] [newbie] Combo isn't receiving keystrokes?

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I need to select an item in a non-standard combobox (ie. Delphi control, not a native Windows control).

I failed trying to find the item and selecting it, so as a work-around, I'm simply hitting PageUp followed by two hits of the up arrow, which will get me there.

Problem is, the following code does send the PageUp keystroke, but not the two up arrow keystrokes:

;Put focus on combobox, and send PageUp, followed by two up arrows
ControlFocus("[CLASS:MainWindow]", "", "[CLASS:MyCombo; INSTANCE:2]")
ControlSend("[CLASS:MainWindow]", "", "[CLASS:MyCombo]", "{PGUP}{DOWN}{DOWN}")

Before I spend more time trying to figure it out, is this an obvious newbie mistake?

Thank you.

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