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I was reading about TPC couple days but cant understand it. What scripts I found they was too complicated for me and cant understand them.

My goal is to communicate two (more if i will learn smthg more) scripts. For example I made some program and gave it to other person and in that program i installed tpc client which would wait for commands from server for example "destroy yourself".

Little more clear was but its too old and dont works properly. If anyone know nay thread or something where I could learn to do that, please share it!

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No, it's not impossible, just very unlikely someone will help you since these things are usually very sketchy and serve no real life practical use, and people who usually are after this are most likely trying to create their first botnet. Not saying you're doing that but those are the facts.

Communication between scripts that are thousands of miles apart, there are better ways than TCP.

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I already mentioned that i spent some time searching. Its hard to find source codes only compiled exe's. If I find source then after few mins I realize that im in hacker forums and im reading "How to make simple botnet" lol. There is alot of topic about tpc but they are like 5years old and dont works.

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