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Ok so i'm still working on learning diffrent ways to do things with autoit.

but i cant seam to figure out how to calculate times....

i have this.

Func Quit()
if $FLog Then
     $file = FileOpen("C:\Users\XXX\Desktop\Log.txt", 1) ;Change "NAME" to your user, or change the whole location.
     if $file <> -1 Then
         FileWriteLine($file, "[" & @YEAR & "-" & @MON & "-" & @MDAY & " " & @HOUR & ":" & @MIN & ":" & @SEC & "] End Log...")
         FileWriteLine($file, "Total Runs: " & $Run)
         FileWriteLine($file, "Successful Runs: " & $Success)
FileWriteLine($file, "Failed Runs: " & $Failed)
FileWriteLine($file, "Failed Cellar Clicks: " & $BadCellarClick)
FileWriteLine($file, "Times Died: " & $Death)
         FileWriteLine($file, "Times Repaired: " & $Repaired)
EndFunc ;==> Quit.

and it works fine. however i want to calculate the time of each run in the same style when i end the script for a "final report" on the average time of each run, and the # of each one.

LogToFile("Sell Blues Game. (Lasted: " & _DateDiff("s", $StartTime, _NowCalc()) & "s)")

will calculate the time of this "run" but how would i need to change it so i can add it into the "final report" when i end the script?

using $StartTime only gives me that....

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